Auto Backr Pro

Auto Backr pro is a first-of-its-kind solution enabling MSOs to automatically back up the configuration files and databases of multiple headend devices on a weekly or daily basis.  Auto Backr Pro also incorporates a device database for tracking key statistics such as IP addresses, software versions, serial numbers hardware status and location.  Finally, Auto Backr Pro includes real-time SNMP stats monitoring of many of the most common devices in a headend network.

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Channel Lineup Pro

Zanaware’s Channel Lineup Pro is a unique GUI-based solution that enables cable operators to easily document, track, store and access multiple channel lineups, channels and headend devices through a single web interface.  The need for such a comprehensive solution is driven by the increasing complexity of headends, with a typical headend today having between five and 20 channel lineups, each consisting of 300 or more channels.

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